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eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018302A0900Niswander, Trista; Smith, SteveHow to Profit from your Nonprofit Mailings
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018302BC1015Haskel, Debora; Dietz, MikeCombining Paper and Pixels: Using Mail to Drive Omnichannel Marketing Success
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018302BC1330Froehlick, Blake; Winters, CeciliaDirect Mail and the Customer Journey: How it Fits into Today's Automated World
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018302BC1445Sutherland, Tracey; O'Brien, TimMaking Paper Work Harder - Impacts to Digital Marketing Trends
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018303A1600Ouvaroff, CasparWhat Is A Well-Designed Mailpiece? Maximizing Complementary Design And Messaging With Informed Delivery
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018303BC1130Switzer, EricaPossibly add USPSDirect Mail Meets Digital Integration.
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018304B1015Rosser, Bob; Ruppel, KurtWhy You Should Move from Mail Date to In-Home Driven Marketing Programs
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/06/2018304B1600Nguyen, ThanhStep-by-Step Secrets to Creating Effective Personalized Promotions to Increase Sales, Improve Employee Morale & Win Awards
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/07/2018tba1100Weiss, CharlesBringing Your Direct Mail Pieces Into The 21st Century
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/07/2018tba1100Kessler, Dina; Antisdel, JudyPCC Heart to Heart Discussion - The PCC Partnership: Industry and Postal
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/07/2018tba1330Fisher, Kai; Patterson, CynthiaGovernment Mailing Best Practices
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/07/2018tba1330Ellis, Robert; Mastervich, DavidThe Best 4 letter word in Direct Mail: TEST
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/07/2018tba1600Mastervich, David; Nieman, LisaMedia Attribution, What is it? How to do it ?
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/08/2018tba1100Wilson, JulieMarketing Overload: Is it time to replace or repurpose traditional marketing methods?
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/08/2018tba1330Gersh, LewisThe Rise of Direct Mail in a Digital Era
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/08/2018tba1445Kennedy, DaleUSPS Special Services: the Hidden Gem
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/08/2018tba1600Rupard, Cathy; Oltman, Cheryl2018 and 2019 PCC Recognition Programs and Leadership Awards
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/08/2018tba1600Cooper, NathanielThe Fusion of Digital and Physical – Mobile Technology That Delivers a Competitive Edge
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/09/2018tba1400Manstof, Jason; Barrett, DanDemographic Disruption: How Gen Z Will Shape the Future of Mail
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/09/2018tba1400Petel, NateGrow Revenue with Multichannel Campaigns
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/09/2018tba1515Cotter, Christopher; Sayao, NataliaLearn How Direct Mail Can Be The Ultimate Closer
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/09/2018tba1515Lien, ChristopherMessaging to Millennials: Direct Mail’s Role
eCommerce: Steps to Shipping Success05/09/2018tba2000Fedderman, Neal; Fallon, MarkLeadership Best Practices and How they Apply to your PCC
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018301A0900Jones, Steven RayConnecting Bundles to Visibility (Bundles Of Joy)
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018301BC1015Sinkko, Jane; Stangle, JeffLogical Automation solutions to resolve the UAA problem.
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018302A1130Gilmore, David; Huang, AdaBusiness Customer Gateway (BCG) A New Look and Feel
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018302A1330Seitz, GaryPUTTING THE DATA INTO DATA-DRIVEN DIRECT MAIL
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018303BC1015Klausner, PeterWebTools – 50 Billion Served!
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018303BC1330Wilson, JamesChoosing the Best Move Update Method for your Mail
Informed Visibility: Real Time-Real Data05/06/2018303BC1600Glassman, Tom; Zalewski, MichelleThe Practical Side of FAST and eInduction

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